Wedding in Aberdeenshire

Back in the summer I had the pleasure of attending a very close friend’s wedding party.  Set in their beautiful Aboyne farm, we were all invited to stay a night or two and join in the preparation of a gorgeous feast, games and celebration.  It was a very fun affair in a relaxed atmosphere set amongst close friends and relatives.  They hadn’t hired an official photographer, so I immediately piped in and declared the role for myself… even though I didn’t really have my full kit, and more often than not I was holding a glass of Prosecco in one hand.  Having only one lens, and all rounder Tamron 24-70mm, I decided that the mood suited more informal and candid snaps.  I did steal the bride and groom away for a moment though, hoping to capture just a bit of romance on their special day.  The night ended with a fabulous Ceilidh and was followed by a picnic and a dip in the river the morning after the night before…

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